Character Award 2022
Join Us Friday, Sept. 16th 2022 at the New York Athletic Club
from 12:00 – 3:00  (doors open at  11:00am)
THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT ONLINE. To inquire about tickets please call 203-858-6371

If you would like to watch the event virtually, you can purchase a streaming link for $100. 

Character Award Mission

To celebrate what is good in the game of basketball by honoring those who have demonstrated honorable character throughout their careers much like the legendary Coach Joe Lapchick.

Values of a Character award

Commitment to Excellence

Demands the best from all individuals to ensure team success


Leads a career of honesty, loyalty and moral principles


Fuels the passions in individuals to allow them to excel


Effectively Communicates their vision to create believers


An individual who is larger than life in the eyes of all those who knew them


To strength to stand up for what is right and in the best interest of others


Respected by those who know them for their consistent honest behavior


Demonstrates a contagious ability to be confident that goals will be met

Character Award Recipients